Triple Topper is a set of free 3D card games which are 3 dimensional. You can play games similar to Crazy Eights, Memory a.k.a. Concentration, Spite and Malice, Speed a.k.a. Spit, Poker, Rummy 500, Blackjack, Cassino, and Euchre, except they are 3 dimensional, as well as original games called Six Suit and Tricky Dick. Because it's a set of free (when played online) card games, I'm offering an online advertising opportunity for marketing your product on my site. Also you can play three free card games online with Java. If you know this info, scroll down to read the news, or click on a link just below this text. To read about my deck or for a table of contents of games that can be played with this deck, click here.


Welcome, to Triple Topper!

Updated October 21, 2015

About the Triple Topper deck:

Triple Topper is a a card game system. This means it can be played in many different ways for all the different tastes, just like regular cards. The system can be used for playing many different games. It takes card games to a whole new level. However, this is a not a reinvention of your classic card games, this is the new gaming standard. There's no one-to-one correlation between a regular deck and a Triple Toper deck.


The regular deck has 2 factors which make one card different than another. There is only one Jack of Hearts. But there are 4 Jacks, and 13 hearts. Even though in some games it might be enough to say you have a Jack, in some games you have to say which Jack. The point is there are two parts to naming the card. The deck has 3 elements, color, number and suit. Sure, regular cards have a color too, but the color is a function of the suit, so you don't have to say the red jack of hearts, because there is only one Jack of hearts, it is red, and there is no black versions of Jacks of hearts. (there are other black jacks, but they are not hearts.) None of the 3 variables are a function of the other 2 There are both red and black (among other colors) 2 of hearts There are hearts and blobs and other shapes in red 2. And there's 2's and 3's and other numbers that are red hearts. There are 5 numbers, 5 colors, and 5 suits in the whole system, and each card has one number, one color, and one suit. There are 5 x 5 x 5 possibilities for combinations of 1 color, 1 number, and 1 suit, making 125 combinations, and therefore 125 main cards. Plus there are 2 jokers, and 3 other cards for one particular game, outside of the regular realm of standard Triple Toper Cards making a total of 130 cards.

Also wilds are a little different in games with wilds. In most regular card games with wilds, something is either completely wild, or it's a natural card. Triple Topper games with wilds have degrees of wildness. Blobs (like mentioned above) are wild in shape. But if it's a red blob 1, only the suit is wild and the number and color are fixed. Black is the wild color, and question mark is the wild number. It is possible to have 2 variables wild, like a Black Blob 3, or even all 3, the Black Blob ? (there's only one card with that distinction).

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News Updated October 17 2015

New Games added, Website redesigned:

The website is going through some revamping. I’m trying to simplify pages, by adding a new page label on top, and separating walls of text. In addition to adding new games, I’™m going to add some pictures to better explain the games.

Flash Game

The main site where I get paid to show my game is now this link to Kongregate.

There are also smaller companies, some of which act as distributors for them and another, and another contacted me independently, I'll mention one that has a 60 percent rating of people like to play rating on, y05.com And that's pretty good considering some old time gamer would automatically vote no because it's not a traditional card game, kind of like my 2 grandmas, (may they rest in peace).

One note about being a Flashcaster, if you are not working with the big guys, and maybe even if you are, I will have to know what main URL you will be Flashcasting this game from. This is for 2 reasons. 1, My server only makes contacts with URLs I specifically green light,and 2, this could be a source of revenue for you.

Found Possible distributor of Triple Topper decks

I have recently talked with Sierra Card Games and they said they liked my card deck. They are negotiating with me. What they want out of it is that they are looking for a collectable card game. They view Triple Topper as a stepping stone for the collectable card game they want. And I view the collectable card game as another title to add to my collection. Oh, by the way, this game has nothing to do with Triple Topper. Since they specifically requested it, and said they'll publish Triple Topper if they like my other game, why not do it. I haven't looked in terms yet. Their lawyer is negotiating specific terms with my Lawyer/agent, someone at MedinaLaw.com.

My dad's funny monkey video

I have posted a video my dad stars in and my mom shot in the 80's where my dad fights a chimpanzee in a boxing match. Visit it here.

Jack of All Games might appear on Cleveland TV

He's been a good friend for a long time, if you don't believe me, look up "Nordonia Open" on youtube.com and you'll see a young me be a host, and a young Jamal be the co host during the first season and a contestant on the next 2 seasons. For more info on my media productions, one of which is partnered with Jamal, click on my Jamal Nickens Page.