Gin Vodka is a free card game that's 3 dimensional. It's Gin Rummy that's a three variable game. This game uses a special Triple Topper deck. Click here or scroll down to read more info or click on a link below.



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Rules to Gin Vodka

Updated August 18, 2016

For 2 players exactly.

Object: to get rid of your card by making melds.

Deck used: 4x4x4 deck deck.

Other equipment needed: Unlike the Vodkapolis 500, since there is no laying down, there is no money markers needed.

Meld definition in this game: A meld in Gin Vodka, is always 3 or more cards in which 2 variables that match in all 3 cards, like 3 of the cards that are blues and hearts simultaneously, for example.

1. The dealer deals 11 cards to both people. After dealing all cards, turn the top card in the remainder, and put it face-up in a discard pile. Put the rest of the cards face down in a draw pile. Play starts to the non-dealer. who may pull the top face up card or pass. Then the dealer has the option to take the top card or pass. Once the dealer passes, the non dealer starts the next turn by drawing a draw pile card. If both people pass, the first turn goes to the non-dealer. Otherwise first turn foes to whoever didn't pick up the first central card.

2. On one's turn a person may either pull the top card from the draw pile or any card in the discard pile. Regardless of which one he pulls, he must discard a card. ONLY the top card is able to be picked and there’s no requirement to make a full meld when drawing a face up card.

3. When a person, after they pick up from the draw pile or the face up top card, can organize their cards in such a way as to all their cards (except maybe a few stragglers) can be placed in organized melds, the player shows it and announces a score. The score is a number from 0-10 representing a number of unmelded points, where numbers are of face value, and blues and squares are worth 2 bonus points each instance, assuming they are unmelded.

4. If a player doesn’t meld a perfect zero, or Gin, then the opponent may make one more play by drawing from the draw pile or the top discard. Then the player lays down his melds, and if it’s not gin, lays cards on his opponent’s melds (If someone has three red 3’s, and you have the fourth red 3 that’s not part of an existing meld, lay it. It doesn’t count against you.) and count the remaining unmelded cards. If a person gets a gin, there is no such laying off opponent’s melds.

4. If there is Gin, the person who got perfect melds gets 20 points plus the number of unmelded points in the opponents deck. If a person doesn’t go down clean, a knocker with the lesser deadwood count wins the difference in count if the knocker has less. If it’s a tie or in favor of the non-knocker, the non knocker wins 8 points plus the difference in deadwood. First person to 50 wins.

5. In case the draw pile runs out before someone goes out, then recycle the pile by placing the last card face up on the discard pile, turning the rest of the discard pile over, and without reshuffling, draw from the drawpile all over.

6. If 4 cards are in a meld, you cannot add any more cards to the meld.